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Tero Lunkka


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Gangsta Woman Review

Gangsta Woman is an application developed by Tero Lunkka. Gangsta Woman was first published on . Gangsta Woman is currently available on the following platforms: Steam.


player character is wounded Gangsta woman character whose only mission is find life elixir which is hidden somewhere to different levels. Player need avoid dummy zombie army and also end of every levels have big dragon boss, who can fly and breathe fire. Gangsta woman need kill or avoid dragon boss and find life elixir bottle. After finding bottle level are finished and player get level finishing achievement.
Gangsta woman can use sword attacks and also special magic attack. Also few magic bombs and health bottle are available when game starts. After Gangsta woman dies She will respawned to level start.
Player can't jump only rolling and fighting are possible. Also during game player can use character customization like changing skin color, and adjust other body parts and change clothes


- Different enemies like zombie army
- Dragon boss end of every level
- Character customization
- 6 levels
- Steam achievements
- special attacks and weapons like bombs

Gangsta Woman

3 / 5

Gangsta Woman Logo
Author: Tero Lunkka
Size: 5 GB available space

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